how to fix scratches on a psp screen steps

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May 31, 2011· have u ever relized that ur psp game is not working. tried to fix it with other videos but dont work. than watch this video im sure itll work trust me.

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Feb 09, 2017· Toothpaste. Wiping a screen with toothpaste (not the gel kind) supposedly works for fixing scratched screens. All it did in my tests was make the screen shinier and seemed to …

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Fix Deep Scratches and Key Marks Alright, here is a how to guide for you to follow that will give you a step by step to fix deep scratches and key marks on your car. You're likely here because some jerk-off that was probably dropped on his head as a kid has decided that it might be a …

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Jul 10, 2008· Best Answer: The shop you bought it from will not help you.And neither will Sony. I got a small scratch on mine and they wouldn't replace it All that toothpaste,peanut butter stuff does is to help scratches that are not deep.

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Jun 30, 2003· Hello all, I was answering a query for carlosA_24 and thought you all might want a look at this product that should fix scratchs on the screen of your PSP, Palm, Ipod or cell phone

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So my screen has a few scratches, nothing new, but one of them turns rainbow colored when you turn it on... on light (or plain white) backgrounds it gives off a rainbow glow, and is really freaking distracting.

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Mar 06, 2008· How do i fix a scratched psp screen? it is not cracked, but it has lots of little scratches, none that are very deep or cracked. I have heard of people using eyeglass repair stuff to fix it. does that work? any ideas? there arent any local game repair shops around me and I dont want to replace the screen. Follow . 1 ...

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My PSP 2000 has a big scratch on the front screen, the LCD and front case are okay, but it would help a lot if someone could make a how to on replacing front screens. thanks

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Car scratch removal creams such as Turtle Wax, 3M Scratch, and Swirl Remover can minimize and get rid of minor scratches. Simply apply the cream to a clean, soft cloth and wipe your screen in a ...

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Mar 14, 2008· Once all the scratches aren't visible, wipe the polish off the PSP using the clean cloth. Be sure to wipe up, away from the buttons, or you'll have a dust problem with the dried polish getting inside the PSP.

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You can also do a search online using the plus symbol in front of fix and scratch and then add the item you want to fix. For example: +fix +scratch (item to be fixed). Or +LCD +scratch +repair etc.

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How to fix scratches on a psp screen wikihow, this article covers the repair of scratches on the outer screen of a psp (any model up to 3000) this is what you would do instead of just buying a new outer screen on ebay or protecting your outer screen with a

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Aug 11, 2010· If you use your cell phone, palmtop computer or PSP without a special protective case or film, abrasions and scratches inevitably find their way to the display of your device.

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so i got a psp go the screen is scratched in a few places... more of a eye sore than anything... so question is how can i fix this.... i invested to much time downloading games to just get another one and i have no internet connection.... i went to a local sheetz to download all my games and that was a pain in the butt itself.... so is there a faceplate on a psp go i can get because i know the ...

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Download and Read Psp Go Screen Scratch Repair Psp Go Screen Scratch Repair Dear readers, when you are hunting the new book collection to read this day, psp go screen scratch repair …

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A screen protector disguises scratches pretty well. PSP1000, the lens is part of the front panel. On the 2000 and 3000, the screen lens is a separate piece.

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that is true I used displex and the scratches on my screen got worse when I switch my psp on the brightness went real bright and the scratches were insanely bright and more visible it did not work btw when I went back to the shops to get a new one they happily replaced it I when from a scratched piano black psp 3002 to a mystic silver psp 3002 just today and guess what the silver one I have ...

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PSPgo Screen Film Scratch Repair Type ... #71 in Video Games > Sony PSP > Accessories > Faceplates, Protectors & Skins > Screen Protectors #111,249 in Video Games > Accessories: Pricing The strikethrough price is the List Price. Savings represents a discount off the List Price.

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For example, if you are removing scratches from a cell phone, take the case off the phone first and remove the battery. Step 2 Pour the Brasso in a bowl and keep it nearby.

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The PlayStation Portable (PSP) is a handheld game console manufactured and marketed by Sony Computer Entertainment. Released in September 2007 as a remodeled, slimmer, and lighter version of the PSP 1000, the PSP 2000 stole the limelight.

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The next time you scratch a CD, DVD, sunglasses lens or even a cell phone screen, you don't have to replace the item -- simply use toothpaste to remove the scratch marks instead. It's important to use a toothpaste, rather than a gel, because it's the gritty texture in the paste that removes the scratches.

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Scratches, chips and other imperfections are just about unavoidable, but a careful repair job can be almost totally invisible. Here's how to fix a paint scratch on your car, step by step. By Ezra Dyer

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Had a scratch on my top screen, decided to put a screen protector over it to prevent more scratches and to my surprise, the screen protector made the scratch "disappear". The screen protector I used was from this seller on eBay.

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Repair Old Photos Page 1 Open Your Photo 1. If Paint Shop Pro 8 isn't already open on your computer, start it up by choosing Start > Programs > Jasc Software > Jasc Paint Shop Proor double click the Paint Shop Pro 8 Icon on your desktop.

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When the screen is perpendicular to the PSP, disconnect the screen cables from the logic board. Lift the screen out of the PSP and place it face down on the faceplate to protect it. Locate the "L" button in the top, left corner of the PSP.

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How to fix scratches on a psp screen wikihow, how to fix scratches on a psp screen this article covers the repair of scratches on the outer screen of a psp (any model up …

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Sep 30, 2009· What's the best way to fix a scratched psp screen I will post a picture of it. _____ When will they learn,all Humans are equaly inferior to robots-Bender You idiots I said Peaberry this is sandalwood,Bender if you cant push sandalwood your not cut out for this league. Profile PM Report. MagnusArmstrong Deinonychus.

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Step 5: The best way to repair discs is not to scratch them in the first place. It sounds silly, but using good cases and spools can significantly reduce the chance of damaging a game or DVD ...